Thursday, May 29, 2008

Second Home Sales Account for One-Third of 2007 Transactions

Second-Home Sales Accounted For One-Third of Transactions in 2007
The combined total of vacation- and investment-home sales declined with the overall market in 2007, but still accounted for 33 percent of all existing- and new-home sales, which is close to historic norms, according to the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR).
The market share of homes purchased for investment last year was 21 percent, while another 12 percent were vacation homes.
Fifty-nine percent of vacation homes purchased in 2007 were detached single-family homes, 29 percent condos, 7 percent townhouses and 5 percent other. In 2006, single family homes accounted for 67 percent of vacation-home sales, while condos were 21 percent.
There were no significant changes in investment housing types. Sixty-one percent of investment homes purchased in 2007 were detached single-family homes, 20 percent condos, 11 percent townhouses and 8 percent other. Twenty-eight percent of vacation-home buyers paid cash for their property, as did 35 percent of investment buyers.
Sixty-five percent of vacation-home buyers and 71 percent of investment-home buyers purchased existing homes, while the remainder purchased new homes.
The typical vacation-home buyer in 2007 was 46 years old, had a median household income of $99,100, and purchased a property that was a median of 287 miles from their primary residence.
In listing the reasons for purchasing a vacation home, 84 percent of buyers wanted to use the home for vacation or as a family retreat; 30 percent to use as a primary residence in the future; 26 percent to diversify investments; 25 percent to rent to others; 16 percent for the tax benefits; 14 percent for use by a family member, friend or relative; and 6 percent because they had extra money to spend.
Last year, 19 percent of vacation homes were purchased in the Northeast, 16 percent in the Midwest, 41 percent in the South and 24 percent in the West. In terms of location, 30 percent of vacation homes were purchased in rural areas, 20 percent in resorts, 20 percent in a suburb and 14 percent in an urban area or central city.
Eight in 10 second-home buyers consider it a good time to invest in real estate, compared with 59 percent of primary residence buyers. Forty-four percent of vacation-home buyers and 57 percent of investment buyers said they were likely to purchase another property within two years.
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