Saturday, August 1, 2015

August Lake of the Ozarks Real Estate Update

About half of all sales at the lake are lakefront or lake access homes.  Many of these sales include a private boat dock.  When purchasing or selling a home, you need to be aware of the requirements by both Ameren Missouri and the appropriate fire protection district in order to transfer the dock permit to the buyer. 
     When a property located in the Osage Beach or Lake Ozark Fire Protection District or Village of Four Seasons transfers ownership, an inspection of the electrical system on the dock must be made by the Fire District or the Village before transferring the dock permit to the new owners. A copy of this inspection approval must be submitted with the permit transfer application to Ameren Missouri.
     All Lake Area Fire Districts and the Village of Four Seasons require a permit and inspection when installing or modifying a dock as well as any time work is being performed on the electrical system of a dock.  In order to complete the initial or modification dock permitting process, Ameren Missouri requires a copy of the Inspection Approval. 
     If you are selling your property with a dock, I recommend that you complete the electrical inspection approval as soon as possible.  Due to an onslaught of inspection requests, some of the districts have up to a 6 week backlog.  This could possible cause a delay in the closing of your home if you wait until you have a contract in place to start the inspection process.  Also, if there are any items that need attention, you will be able to address these and present this information to potential buyers.  The added benefit to you is knowing that your dock is safe while you and your family continue to use it.
     When you are purchasing a property with a dock you should make sure that the dock is properly permitted with Ameren Missouri and that there have not been any changes since the permit was issued.  If required, you will also need to request an electrical inspection from the proper entity in order to have the dock permit transferred into your name.  This will allow you to discover any potential issues prior to closing in the event that there are compliance problems that need to be addressed.
     If your property is not for sale or is not located in an area that requires an electrical inspection for the transfer of the permit, I highly recommend that you still contact the appropriate agency for an inspection.  Most of the districts charge a $50 to $75 fee for the inspection.  In my opinion this is a bargain, especially if you consider the potential cost of having an electrical issue on or around your dock. has a wealth of information on their website about permit requirements including contact information for fire districts and other inspection agencies.
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